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Lighthouse Realty & Management of FL, LLC

Managing Tasks for Your Residences


Our Property Management Services

Lighthouse Realty & Management of FL, LLC believes that it’s a conflict of interest to profit from other’s misfortunes. Therefore, we don’t assess a surcharge or make a profit of any kind from maintenance and repairs from our homeowners.

          • You can expect that we will not affect repairs without prior approval for anything exceeding $200.
          • You can expect that we will only use outside contractors for any major or licensed work.
          • You can expect to receive copies of all maintenance and repair work invoices and proposals.

Property Inspection Managers

Our professional onsite managers, as well as regional manager, inspect both vacant and occupied units. We divide the properties by geographical zip code area to ensure properties are inspected efficiently and regularly. Contact us in Winter Springs,

Florida for more information.

Payment and Fees

We offer flat rate monthly management fees because we value transparency and honesty with our clients. You may contact us for more information.

Contact Us